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We are cash buyers of sterling silver cutlery, teapots, bowls, cups, beakers and trophies. We purchase antique sterling silver in any quantity and in any condition.

English Sterling silver cutlery patterns we buy include: Fiddle and Thread, Fiddle and Shell, Reed and Ribbon, Old English, Beaded, Queens and Kings patterns respectively.

Examples of British silversmiths we purchase include: William Eley 1770-1841, Paul Storr 1771-1844, James Dixon and Sons 1806-1910, Martin, Hall and Co 1866-1936, John Café 1740-1757, The Bateman Family 1761-1843, George Unite 1825-1865, William Fearn C1808, Peter Aitken 1801-1844, Nathaniel Mills 1746-1840, Barnard Brothers 1773-1977, Chawner Family 1815-1883, The Hennel family 1736-1887, Mappin and Webb 1858-present, Sampson and Mordan 1823-1952, Omar Ramsden 1873-1939 and Asprey 1781-2002.

We are buyers of sterling silver pieces assayed in the cities of Sheffield, Birmingham, Chester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Dublin and Newcastle.

We purchase provincial silver pieces made in the townships of Norwich, Perth, Greenock, Tain, Aberdeen, Inverness, Perth, Taunton, York and Exeter.

We also specialise in the purchase of American Sterling silver tableware made by: Gorham, Reed and Barton, Wallace, International Silver Company, Simpson, Hall and Miller, Towle, Kirk Steiff, Whiting, Meriden, Durgin, Birks, Dominick and Haff, Myer Myers, Buccellati to name a few. If you have redundant sterling silver cutlery passed down through your family - we are cash buyers.

We purchase individual forks and spoons up to complete sets for 24 people. We also purchase cigarette cases, napkin rings, fruit baskets, rose bowls, candlesticks, epergne, candelabra, nut dishes, condiment sets, vestas (match holders), standish, large mirrors, picture frames, entrée dishes (with or without lids), figural decanters, wine labels, coasters, cruet sets, figurines, cigar humidors, tea caddies, beakers, ecclesiastical wares, incomplete canteens of cutlery and odd forks, knives and spoons.

Silver marks can be difficult and confusing to decipher. Take in point the Chinese silversmiths in the early 19th Century who manufactured pieces with 'faux' silver hallmarks mimicking the U.K’s finest silversmiths. If you’d like us to assisst with identifying and valuing your pieces for sale, please come by our Marrickville office. We're open Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 3pm. No appointment required.

We purchase European silver cutlery, silver tableware and silver coins dated 1700-1950 from Poland, France, Czechoslavakia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland.

We specialize in Danish sterling silver cutlery and jewellery made by Georg Jensen, buying pieces made by Harald Nielsen, Ibe Dalquist, Johan Rhode, Vivianna Torun, Gundorph Albertus and Henning Koppel.

We purchase antique silver pocket watches in full hunter/half hunter, pair cased versions. We buy fob watches made by Waltham, Elgin, Benson, Frodsham with Fusee or Verge movements. We are cash buyers of sterling silver Albert (and Albertina) watch chains. We deal in key wind or top wind pocket watches with or without subdials. We buy striking and repeating watches.

Good money can be made from the silver you or your family have accumulated over the years.

If you're not certain the items you have are silver, or you're unsure of the purity, please bring the pieces in and we'll be happy to assess and price them for sale.

Being a small family-run business we can only identify the purity of your items and values in person. Please visit us 11am to 3pm Wednesday to Sunday. No apppointment required.

We highly recommend Sydney Silver Buyers if you have inherited silver or gold items to sell.

It was an absolute pleasure to deal with this company.

Thank you again Simon.

Peter and Cathy, Miranda, November 2021

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